About ImpactLex

ImpactLex was founded to assist individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community support is provided to allow people to live a life they choose. Individual dreams are developed and fostered through opportunities. A family atmosphere encourages each person to explore his or her role while building upon the role of others to achieve the community life we all desire.

Being surrounded by love and trust creates an atmosphere where it is safe to exercise individuality, to learn how to advocate for one’s self and to encourage others to advocate for those who cannot.

Our Vision

  • Acknowledge the personal goals and dreams of the individual
  • Focus on the individual’s strengths and interests
  • Respect the personal dignity of each person
  • Encourage independence and personal fulfillment
  • Commit to providing the best care with complete integrity
  • Provide effective and efficient services
  • Ensure the safety and welfare of all
  • Integrate and involve individuals in their communities
  • Stay abreast of any and all changes in the human service industry

We believe that all people have separate life skills that will be strengthened through appropriate support, allowing them to move on towards an improved, independent life.

Our Mission

It is the mission of ImpactLex to advocate for choice on behalf of participants living with intellectual/developmental disabilities, through high quality supports. ImpactLex provides an opportunity to strengthen social and interpersonal skills, enhanced by community involvement. The program is designed to encourage expression of interests while allowing individuals to explore and develop a dignified and meaningful life.